Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Sunshine Girl

Wow! What a whirlwind of a couple weeks! From a visit from some of our favorite people from Seattle, to Easter and a birthday in Tennessee. Then finally, a visit from my sweet grandparents from California! Busy Busy BUSY!!

But with all that happenings I do not want to minimize the highlight of it all: Our Sweet Sophia turned 5!!!

How did it go by so fast?!?!

Approximately 6 years ago, Greg and I decided that we wanted to try for a baby. 6 months after that and we were blessed with the most splendid news! We were expecting! I had thought I had always wanted all boys but Greg was definite that he wanted a "Daddy's Girl". And after a long bitter winter, our sweet sunshine girl entered our world on April 21st 2009. I am an avid Beatles fan and had always loved the song "Here comes the Sun". I used to play it to her with headphones on my belly when I was pregnant. How perfectly fitting that she was born in the spring. I still sing that song to her today and it reminds me of her when I hear it out.

It seems she grew into this grown up girl over night. I remember like yesterday, the doctor and nurses placing her on my chest and she crying that sweet cry of a newborn. I looked over at Greg and he had the tears of new father and beaming with pride as he looked down at our new little miracle. We were so nervous and scared as typical new parents were, but it all seemed to fade as the calm of birth took over. All the doctors and nurses left and it was just Greg, Sophia, and I were in the room. A perfect little family of three.

I am amazed daily with how perfectly tender she is and such an animal lover. Always loving on our Chihuahua "Tuco" or the stupid cat "Kali". And now our "Elsa". It will not surprise me if she grows up to be a veterinarian. Though I will always support her for whatever she chooses her life to lead.

She is our beautiful Sunshine girl that brightens our days when it is dark. She gives the best hugs ever and has the bluest of eyes you could imagine. I am so proud to be her mommy and look so forward to watching her grow and flourish.


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