Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring is here!! almost....

This weekend was filled with warmth and dreams of the future months. There is nothing better than waking early and the sun is shining. How can one not want to go out and get hands dirty?

I was finally able to start my garden. After discussing with our landlords, we got the ok to plant a small garden as long as we fill it with seed or sod upon moving out. So I started with 10 x 10 as a starter.

I'm going to purchase the bulk of my seeds and starter plants from my farmstand store to insure heirloom. I also have a few planter pots that will hold other plants. Since I'm a full time Homesteader and SAHM, I know I'll have the time to tend to these responsibilities like never before. I've kept a small garden and plants over the past few years but nothing this big. And last year really only consisted of a few potted plants. So I'm excited to really start my gardening going for the summer.

This is my perfect time to practice my skills so that we can (hopefully) live off our land in the future. I know that there will be a lot of mistakes and mishaps and that is ok. What better way than to learn from experience.

This years garden will consist of my typical squash, zucchini, peppers and tomatoes. But I will also be trying my hand at corn since we go through so much. And also want to try some peas. Broccoli will also be making an appearance albeit small as Beanie and I are really the only fans. And then some spinach, carrots and butter crunch lettuce (Greg's Favorite). I also plan on purchasing another blue berry plant to hopefully produce berries for my sweet Papa. They are his favorite!!

Big plans for sure!

While today is snow covered again, I know that is only for today and tomorrow will be warmer. I cannot WAIT for only warm days and to be able to spend the majority of our days in the garden and outside.

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