Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Love of Raw Milk

Its not easy raising a family on one income. When we decided to have children 6 years ago I neverwould have pictured myself as the "Stay at home Mom" kind of person. But then my two bundles came along it became apparent that being with my children (and my home) is where I was meant to be.

So the hubs and I sat down and really crunched the numbers. It would be tight but if it meant being with our children and raising them the way we had wanted, then penny pinching was the way to be. Bottom line......we were going to make it work.

I painstakingly plan out our budget every month of food and bills. I feel this is part of my job. And yes its not a secret that we go a different route when it comes to the food that we choose to provide for our family. Some things are cheaper in the long run and others are a bit more pricey. But I feel some things you just cannot compromise when it comes to your family.

One of the foods that is top on our priority list is milk.

We go through a TON of milk in this house. While my husband and I aren't big milk drinkers ourselves, our children can put away a gallon quicker than a blink of an eye. And add the dairy foods that come from that milk and it adds up.  

So considering how much goes into our family, finding good, quality milk is of big importance. Raw milk in our house is a must in our budget. I add it on with all the other main bills because its just not something I'm willing to compromise anymore.

I know it sounds crazy that we drink Raw Milk, but I promise you, with a little research and a reputable source, its worth every penny. I can guarantee organic, hormone free, wholesome milk that I know will fill my family with healthy enzymes, vitamins, and protein that pasteurization kills in conventional milk. I'm not saying that Raw Milk is the only way to go. I know its not readily available in a lot of places. For example even here in Kentucky. It is illegal to buy or sell raw milk here. I don't "buy" raw milk. I bought shares in a herd of cows. This is the product that my herd gives in which I am entitled too. I pay a maintenance fee every week which goes towards the care of our animals and in turn we get gallons of milk from our cows. Its simple but tricky. lol. Check your local laws. We own three shares so we get three gallons every week. And yes we use up all that milk.

Its not just milk that comes with it. Its the cream as well. Liquid, healthy fats. And with that I'm able to make our butter, coffee creamer, ice cream, and whatever else we need for the week. I'm even dabbling in cheesemaking! So in the long run those shares go along way!

I also love the fact that I know exactly where this product comes from. I even know the cows names!! White face, Black face, and Red. lol. The kids named them :-). Its such a religious and wonderful feeling driving out to the homestead every week to pick up our supply. To see where our cows eat, sleep and breath. Its magical. And so rewarding! Worth the 25 miles one way every week. Of course I hope to one day raise our very own milk cow, but until then I will gladly drive out there. Its my little slice heaven every Thursday. Thursday is now my favorite day of the week. Thursday is Milk Day <3

I'm not saying that Raw Milk is the only way to go. If its not available where you live, by all means, go find yourself some good organic milk. Please make sure you are drinking organic though. The hormones and process they go through is just not good. For you and the cows. But if it is available, do yourself a favor and check it out!

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